YouTube Restores Channel of Violent White Nationalist Website

Abe Gaustad
3 min readAug 30, 2019
VDARE founder and editor Peter Brimelow

A few days ago, YouTube suspended the channel of white nationalist site VDARE, a move that was celebrated by many pundits and observers. But in a baffling decision that still remains unexplained, YouTube has reversed course and reinstated the channel, much to the satisfaction of the online white nationalist community.

VDARE’s white nationalist nature is denied by some on the right, but the articles are straightforward and not at all subtle. Consider this from a recent article by James Kirkpatrick:

America is a majority-white nation created by Anglo settlers, built upon English legal customs and institutions, and speaking the English language. If it ceases to be these things, it ceases to be America.

This statement is practically the definition of white nationalism. Principles and beliefs don’t matter to the writers at VDARE. All that matters is race.

And so what happens as America gets less white? How do the writers at VDARE suggest that white people respond? For the most part, they don’t answer this question. But occasionally they let down their guard and the violent ideas come gushing out.

In a 2017 article ostensibly about the Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk, VDARE’s founder and editor Peter Brimelow reveals a possible solution to the problem of a non-white majority America. Brimelow opens the column by admitting his rage at the large non-white population of Great Britain. Nolan’s Dunkirk inspired this rage because it reminded Brimelow of a time when Britain was overwhelmingly white. But the world of Nolan’s film is no more, and this makes Brimelow exceedingly angry, so much so that he endorses a stunning call for violence:

My considered reaction to Dunkirk: People should be hung from lampposts — they should be burned alive — for what they’ve done to Britain.

If this is his “considered” reaction, I shudder at the thought of what his more unconsidered views might have been. If you were thinking that this sentiment might have been some throwaway line in his article, or that he might have buried it in order to hide his violent views, well…no. The calls to violence were actually the headline.

Another call to violence: VDARE wants liberal arts colleges bombed.

Using Dunkirk as a rallying cry for white nationalism might be a tad disingenuous for VDARE. Based on their beliefs and who they follow and amplify on Twitter, they would probably have felt more at home on the opposite side of that particular conflict. Recall, that Kirkpatrick admits that race is more important than beliefs or values.

In fact, VDARE’s sympathy for literal Nazis isn’t hard to discover. In one illuminatnig example, VDARE followed and retweeted now-suspended Twitter user Frogwave, a prolific advocate for Nazism who urged his followers to read Neo-Nazi William Pierce, author of The Turner Diaries, a novel that argued for a “race war” that would eliminate non-whites from America. The Turner Diaries inspired Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh in the early 1990s, but also helped pave the way for the white genocide conspiracy theory that inspired the recent mass murders in El Paso, Christchurch, Pittsburgh and Norway, among others.

VDARE retweets open Nazi account.

And what does VDARE think about the white genocide conspiracy theory that is inspiring white nationalists to commit mass murder? They’re behind it one-hundred percent.

YouTube showed a great deal of courage and civic duty when they banned VDARE, but they threw it all away with an ill-considered reinstatement. It’s bad enough to allow white nationalists who manage to conceal their violent tendencies. But to allow an organization like VDARE that openly calls for politicians they disagree with to be burned alive and for liberal arts colleges to be bombed? That is shockingly irresponsible.