The Daily Caller Apologizes for Hiring Writer Unaffiliated with White Supremacists

Abe Gaustad
2 min readFeb 21, 2019
The Daily Caller

The Daily Caller was forced to apologize Thursday after Jeremy Williams, a columnist for the opinion website, was revealed to have no ties to white supremacist groups. “We choose our staff very carefully,” editor-in-chief Geoffrey Ingersoll wrote in an apologetic press release announcing Williams’ termination. “Sometimes things slip by us. Once we realized there was a problematic non-association, we acted swiftly.”

Williams had apparently hidden his beliefs on racial equality from his superiors. But chat logs released by an anonymous source quoted the columnist calling the KKK a “sad group of losers.” In a rare comment on the daily operation of the website, co-founder and Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson called the decision to terminate Williams “Absolutely the right call.” He continued, “I believe in freedom of expression, but if you want to claim that diversity is a good thing, then you’re not getting a paycheck from me.”

Internal company emails revealed complaints about the website’s inability to vet its staff. “Unbelievable,” one anonymous employee wrote. “How does this keep happening? How are we hiring people who have never written a single word about how bad Mexicans stink? Not one word about hordes of immigrants invading our borders and taking our women? Not even an offensive O.J. Joke? Not even in high school? This is bullshit!”

Longtime readers reached out via Twitter to share their disappointment. User @J00sRBad4Real wrote “I might as well watch BET. Thanks for cucking away my country.”

Ingersoll insisted that Williams’ hiring was a one-time misstep. “We’ve added several checks to our hiring process. We’re not taking anybody’s word on this. Not anymore.” When asked if the website’s coverage might be attracting the wrong kind of writers — those with a sincere commitment to a future where all races can coexist peacefully — Ingersoll lost his composure. “Come on,” he snapped. “That’s not true and you know it!”