Heather Mac Donald’s Diversity Delusion

“Even before California mandated female board hires, I routinely voted against every female who shows up on a proxy ballot, since I assume that she is there because of her sex and not her business experience.”

This is a textbook example of bias. Mac Donald thinks that a woman could not possibly possess the business acumen to be a viable CEO. How quickly the vital principle of meritocracy was tossed aside based on nothing but assumption and arrogance.

”[…]if [bias] is so ubiquitous, give me just one name of a female faculty candidate or an underrepresented minority who was not given a job which he or she had superior qualifications for. Or, I’ll make it easy on you, we simply overlooked in a job search.”

If she wants a name, I suggest she go back to those proxy votes and take a look at some of the names that she passed over.



Writer from Memphis, TN

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