Did Fox News Bring on a White Nationalist to Discuss Critical Race Theory?

Tucker Carlson discusses the claims of former after-school administrator Daniel Concannon.

Last night, Fox News host Laura Ingraham invited Daniel Concannon onto her program to discuss Critical Race Theory (CRT). Concannon had recently resigned from his position as the director of an after-school program in New Hampshire over training that he claimed discriminated against him for being white. His resignation letter, which actually contains the phrase “I can’t even,” complains that the training was meant to endorse the “dehumanization and hatred of white people.” …

Recently, the right discovered an insidious plot by a “woke” university to seize control of the English language once and for all. A list of “oppressive language” published by the Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center (PARC) at Brandeis University has been smugly shared on social media as an example of Orwellian overreach by the academic left.

An article from The Daily Mail seemed to kick off the outrage, focusing on a few questionable entries. The article dishonestly stated that certain phrases, such as “trigger warning,” were “banned” at Brandeis because of their violent or otherwise insensitive connotations.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A conservative Twitter account misreads a government document, proceeds to declare that tyranny has arrived while hundreds of fellow conservatives accept the conclusion without question.

John Cardillo, not being smart.

This all-too-common pattern happened again Saturday night when Newsmax host John Cardillo amplified a Twitter thread from another account that accused the FDA of classifying all kinds of agricultural products as drugs. The problem? The user had completely misread the document in question, which merely listed substances that had been nominated for use as “bulk drugs” — the inactive ingredients in pharmaceuticals. The document appears to refer…

In an article on the recent trend for colleges to stop requiring the SAT for admissions, Freddie deBoer argues for the value of the test in measuring academic ability. I agree with deBoer that the SAT has value, although its reputation among the right as an objective measure of “academic merit” is both simplistic and wrong-headed. For his own part, deBoer criticizes the view of the left, arguing that standardized tests “reveal profound differences in human capital that make progressives uncomfortable.”

But deBoer is no Steve Sailer. To his credit, he dismisses the arguments for a genetic cause to the…

I’ve written before about Patreon allowing white nationalists to earn money on its platform by hosting The Unz Review, a website run by California businessman and Holocaust denier Ron Unz. In the 19 months since I published that piece, The Unz Review has hosted an even wider selection of white nationalist and neo-Nazi articles, all while proudly displaying Patreon’s logo inviting like-minded readers to become patrons.

Within the past couple of weeks, Unz has taken to republishing articles by Andrew Anglin, the neo-Nazi publisher of The Daily Stormer. Anglin, known for his caustic rhetoric and his direction of damaging harassment…

Joe Biden currently enjoys a substantial lead in national and state polls. But if the shock of the 2016 election has taught us anything, it’s that surprising results could await us this November. Most experts consider Trump an underdog, and the vast majority expect him to lose some states that he won in 2016 even if he is ultimately victorious. The Trump campaign seems to acknowledge this possibility by their recent decision to cease advertising in Michigan, a state that Trump carried by just over 10,000 votes in his 2016 victory.

The Hillary Clinton campaign was criticized after the election…

In the midst of widespread demonstrations against the murder of George Floyd by police in Minnesota, Twitter has abandoned even it’s usual permissive moderation policy with respect to white nationalists.

Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn

After the recent news that the NFL will attempt to encourage the hiring of minority coaches, there has been some pushback from the usual sources. White nationalist blogger Vox Day writes that “black coaches in the NFL have historically underperformed the average,” but provides no evidence for this claim. I knew that Hue Jackson’s recent tenure at Cleveland had been a massive failure, but there were a lot of greats who had coached for years, principally Tony Dungy and Mike Tomlin. …

“Vanilla goes really well with human flesh,” Alex Jones said. “In fact, vanilla isn’t just a flavor. It’s a texture, a mouthfeel and a secret weapon. Vanilla is the perfect addition to human flesh. A perfect match.”

We met up with Jones last week, just as plans for his new restaurant were unveiled.

In the past, Jones had criticized cannibals on his radio program. But under the stress of a worldwide pandemic, his views have changed. In a much-discussed tirade, Jones confessed to an emerging desire to consume his neighbors. …

Abe Gaustad

Writer from Memphis, TN

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